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Jeremy D

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Jeremy D. 

Kitchen implements you like using the most:


Do you like movies about gladiators?


Have you ever been to a Turkish prison?


Paper or plastic?

I bring my own bags 

Favorite author:

Dan Brown and Vince Flynn 

Cartoon character you identify with most:

Captain Planet 

Most inspiring quote:

Omnia causa fiunt- “everything happens for a reason” 

What you want to do in the next five years:

I would like to be finishing up my Master’s degree in organizational management, expanding my insurance business, starting a real estate firm, and, among other things, creating a non-profit organization 

Best place to kill an hour on the TRCC campus:

No idea! Who has an hour to kill? Let me know and I'll put you to work! 

Most valuable tips for writers:

Asking questions, developing perseverance, and knowing what you don’t know. Moreover, every college and university has a writing center. By paying for a class you're helping to fund that center. By not going you are not getting that for which you paid! So utilize it at least once! 

I’d also like to add….

I enjoy learning, teaching, helping people in any number of ways, building things, and spending time outside doing any number of sports and activities. Anything else please feel free to ask.


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