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Essay Basics

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There are a number of different kinds of writing you will be asked to do in your college career.  We have put together some basic information about the most common types you will encounter in most undergraduate courses.  Always be sure to check with your instructor as to the specifics of any assignment.  The links below are meant to guide you if you don't have other clear directions on where to start; some will direct you to web resources and some will show you handouts we have developed ourselves.

The Basic Five Paragraph Essay                                 Constructing a Solid Introduction             

Developing Body Paragraphs                                     Inverted Pyramid Strategy for Introductions

The 11 Sentence Paragraph                                        Developing Thesis Statements/Main Assertions

Transitions between Paragraphs                                Reader Response Papers

Compare/Contrast Papers                                           Literary Analysis Papers

Poetry Analysis Papers                                               Book Reviews

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