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Computer Use and Word Processing

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All of the links below should be useful if you are not famliar with word processing and computer use.  If you are very new to using computers for academic purposes, we STRONGLY recommend you review the glossary and file manipulation basics. 


Saving Files- the Basic Rules                               Finding Files- the Basics


Cutting and Pasting Video Tutorial                      Cutting and Pasting Step by Step


Microsoft Help for MS Word                              Glossary of Useful Computer Terms


Good Computing Habits from Microsoft              Symantec Podcast- Good Computer Habits


Free web-based e-mail providers: Yahoo, Google, Hotmail


If you don't have an e-mail account that you use regularly, you can set one up for FREE at any one of the sites above.  E-mail is a very convenient way to communicate with instructors, and it provides a written record of your communicatioans as well.





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